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The Daily Gazette
from November 9th, 2022.

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My latest Article in 518 Profiles Magazine: Elana Mark: The Ins and Outs of a Landscape Artist
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I received an email from Ron Schrotenboer (an external tax lawyer advisor who I previously worked with at GE) telling me that he saw me the other evening on an episode of the History Channel's The Food That Built America entitled "Peanut Butter Battle." Lo and behold I watched it on the History Channel on Demand and there I am. I had no idea. What's more, as far back as I can remember, I have been severely allergic to peanut butter, so it was even more of a surprise.

So in addition to multiple episodes about potato chips, I have now also appeared on episodes about both burgers and peanut butter.

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The Saratoga County History Center

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Saratoga County man
considered top
potato chip historian
Mark Mulholland WNYT
Updated: August 1, 2022 - 6:40 PM
Published: July 29, 2022 - 4:44 PM

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I have recently been featured in two
Times Union Articles
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Article 1 - Vanderbilt helped invent the chip in Saratoga?
Likely a salty myth

Article 2 - Toga Chip Guy makes a second showing on History Channel

Article from Saratoga Today
Featuring, your's truly, The Toga Chip Guy!

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Watch The History Channel's
The Food That Built America,
"When The Chips Are Down",
season 2, episode 3,
where I am prominently featured.

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Read my feature article in
The Saratoga Lake Association News Letter.

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History Channel Podcast

After appearing in several episodes of
The History Channel's Series
"The Food That Built America",
I have now been prominently featured
in an associated podcast.

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My recent interview with Julia Dunn on CBS 6.

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Article About Me In Saratoga Today Entitled
"Who: Alan Richer, The Toga Chip Guy"

April 2nd, It starts on Page 3.

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The History Channel's
"The FoodThat Built America"
that aired on
National Potato Chip Day, March 14.
Featuring the history of Herman Lay
and then rival Fritos!

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Here you will find information on other things that make the “Chip Guy” tick.

An incredible organization to which I am happy to both volunteer and support!

In previous posts I have told the story about how my Mom, Ethel, planned on marrying her childhood boyfriend, Clifford Siegel (to whom she referred to as "Cliffie") before she met my Dad. Pvt. Siegel was killed in action on November 20, 1943 in the Battle of Tarawa, before my Mom met my Dad.

My research into Private Siegel brought me in contact with the Chief Rick Stone Family Foundation, the purpose of which is to identify living relatives of those lost in combat action whose remains have never been identified so that they can finally have a proper burial. I was so moved by Chief Rick and the work of the Foundation that I am now volunteering and have had success in locating living relatives including an almost 98 year sister of one of the heroes who resides in St. Petersburg, Fl. Her son is providing his Mom's DNA to hopefully lead to a positive identification. In another case, a nephew had never seen any adult photos of his hero Uncle until those I was able to provide based on my research.

With respect to Private Siegel, I made contact with a niece and nephew who provided DNA of their Mom and Aunt, two of Private Siegel's sisters.

Please listen to this just made podcast by Chief Rick Stone to learn more about Private Siegel. It would be wonderful if his remains can be identified so that he can be buried next to his parents. The Foundation is truly doing G-d's work and I hope you consider joining me in supporting this most worthwhile cause. As a reminder there are over 1,100 boxes of unidentified remains in a warehouse in Honolulu with an eleven year backlog.

Episode 57 of NO HOME FOR HEROES - History's Military Mysteries: Missing In Action is now available at your favorite podcast site and featured on TuneIn Radio. The episode is titled "Come Home To Me, Cliff" and is hosted by Chief Rick Stone. But be warned, it's a real "tear jerker" of a story. It is now posted at:

This episode of NO HOME FOR HEROES and many more episodes are available FOR FREE on Apple podcasts or any other popular platform where you like to listen to podcasts or on the web site at Enjoy!

Thanks to the various librarians and genealogists who have assisted me in my research. Guess which Singer is included in the podcast? As my Dad used to say, "I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count."

Abbott and Costello To Meet The Toga Chip Guy

This week I received the following email from Chris Costello, daughter of legendary comedian Lou Costello of Abbott and Costello fame


In August we're spotlighting a new section to the newsletter called, The Spotlight Is On You!

If you would like to be our first "Spotlight," we'd run a photo of you, you can write up a short paragraph or two about what you do, anything you want to let our worldwide subscribers know about you (love the potato chip historian!). We'll add in your web site, anything you want to

The deadline for the August issue would be mid-July.

Let me know if you'd be interested. I checked out your web site and instantly thought, "This is too perfect!"

Thanks, Alan.

Enjoy the opening theme to the Abbott and Costello Show

I recently had the unfortunate pleasure in enshrining a dear childhood friend of mine in to The Arthur L. Johnson High School Hall of Fame posthumously. Joe Curry, a dear friend from High School, who died while trying to save a boy who was swimming in the Rahway River. Please see the documents & photos below that help in remembering him.

Submission Form:

Dear Principal Feeley and Arthur:

It is my great honor and distinct privilege to nominate the late Joseph Patrick Curry for enshrinement into the Arthur L. Johnson High School ("ALJ") Hall of Fame ("HOF"). At the age of 19, Joseph lost his life attempting to rescue a 13-year old who was drowning in the Rahway River.

I have mailed you each hard copy of the attached. Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail including the attachment.



Alan B. Richer
ALJ HS Class of 1972
Member ALJ Hall of Fame Charter Class of 2014

Dear Alan,

Thank you for submitting the TAPinto Clark Hometown Heroes Submission Form! We are interested in choosing to write a story about Joseph Curry, and we would like to request a little bit more information from you:

Do you know when (month/year) the Township dedicated “Curry Field” in Curry’s honor?
I have reviewed the newspaper clippings you sent to my editor Elizabeth, along with your application/statement to induct Curry into the ALJ Hall of Fame and the statement provided by Curtis Helfrich. We are unsure where two of the clippings came from, specifically those titled “Drowning feared in rescue attempt” and “PBA Honoring 10 acts of heroism.” Do you recall which newspaper these two came from, and if so please let us know.
We also will need picture(s) to include in the article. If you have a picture of Curry himself and/or a picture of the park, those would both be very helpful.

Thanks again for sharing this story, and I look forward to being able to share it with our readers.

Best regards,

Roman Chiarello
News Reporting Intern - TAPinto Clark

Stand Up Comedy

In the not so distant past I tried my hand at stand up comedy. I have always loved comedy and figured why not try!

On Stage With Martin Short & Steve Martin At Proctors (I’m in the center, when Steve Martin asked me about my occupation, I told him “Potato Chip Historian”, he was pretty amused!


Me with Yankee GM Brian Cashman

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Visiting The Chicago Sky Deck!

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Checking Out Some Chip Memorabilia!


The Pub Scout Blog

Please check out the website of my fellow High School Hall of Fame Member, Kurt Epps, “The Pub Scout”

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My next-door neighbor Bennett Liebman and I with Yankee Legend Phil Rizzuto

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Here I am With Syracuse Men’s Head Basketball Coach
Jim Boehiem

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Here I am With Tony Bennett

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Here I am With Linda Elder

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My Last Trip To Syracuse University (My Alma Mater)

As mentioned in one of my previous blog entries, I recently had the opportunity to attend The George Arents Awards at Syracuse, their highest and most prestigious ward. Jim Brown was recognized and I had the opportunity to meet him. Quite a pleasure!
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A Great Restaurant In Italy We Enjoyed On A Recent Family Trip (Along With The Chef)

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Here I am With Michael Feinstein

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Here I am with Famed Watergate Reporter, Bob Woodward.
We actually had a discussion about the Saratoga Chip.

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Here I am with Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton

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Here I am with Carol Liefer, writer for Seinfeld & Modern Family

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Here I am with Former Notre Dame & Washington Redskins Quarterback, Joe Theisman

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