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Schedule a presentation With The Chip Guy!

Featuring the “Toga Chip Guy,” local historian/collector who has appeared on NBC and been featured in newspaper articles.
He will discuss the origins and chronology including the mythology surrounding the invention and share presentation of his extensive collection of memorabilia and collectibles.

Topics covered:
∞ Alternative Origins ∞
- Players, Facts, Mystery & Myths
∞ Saratoga Chips Collection ∞
- Timeline
- Geographic Expansion
- Tins, Bags & Machinery
- Company Slogans
- Anthropological Changes in Clothing etc.
- Delivery Transportation, Plants &
- Companies that Began by Selling Saratoga
- Non-Potato “Saratoga Chip” Products
- Inspiration for the Collection
- Travels & People I have Met
- Museums, Libraries, Historical Societies,
Manufacturers, Trade Associations &

On November 19th, I addressed the Schenectady Chapter of the General Electric Company Elfuns, a not for profit group comprised mostly of retirees.  Immediately below are the comments I received:

Delightful and colorful presentation with lots of colorful data.  C. B.  

Very Interesting.  Enjoyed the Presentation.  Loved learnings about local Saratoga

It was a very revealing and interesting presentation.  Thank you so much
Chuck Knowles, Program Chair, Schenectady Chapter of GE Elfuns 

Enjoy the photos,

The Toga Chip Guy

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